Fantasy Wedding

Today I have some AMAZING creations that I have fallen in love with and been in love with for months if not years now. If you know me in RL or even a little in SL you know that I LOVE celtic items, claddagh, triqetra, all of it. I also love very elegant, intricate, yet simple items in terms of clothing, dresses, etc. I’ve eyed these items I am featuring today for a VERY long time. when the chance to not only feature them on this blog, but to feature them together came. I jumped. What is so special about these items? Well for one the dress is AMAZING, the texturing matches up so well! the flower and pearls motif is carried out throughout the dress and gives it a classic yet modern look, that also reminds me of a medieval world! The ring is a pair to what is called soulmate rings…I will be posting a page on my blog for a short time with the whole note about soulmate rings, the basic gist is the rings become linked so send each other messages and hearts when near When I was married once upon a time we had these soulmate rings and I LOVED them, so happy to have one of them again. the locket is the juliet choker locket and like all of ashira’s creations has AMAZING detail. I am also wearing the matching rings in look 2. I have to say you WANT this locket, the exquisite detail is PHENOMENAL. Ashira special made this locket into a kids size for my girls so we all have one! Any of her amazing jewelry can be made into soulmate jewelry for an additional $500. Which Honestly considering everything the rings do Is a steal. I am gonna let you look at these AMAZING creations now…trust CAN’T live without visiting these two stores, or get married without them.

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Look 1:
Hair: Dela – Shelle Red 5
Skin: Lara Hurley-Jade
Shape: Anna Shapes- Veronica Small
Dress: Designs By Isaura-Fantasy Wedding Full (Includes veil, dress, shoes, Necklace, Circlet,  earrings, bracelets, bouquet with and without AO. (Shoes Not Shown)

Look 2 :Skin: Lara Hurley-Jade
Hair: Truth- Mariposa (Swedish, butterflys hidden)
Shape: Anna Shapes- Veronica Small
Eyes: IKON- Sunrise Eyes – Light Eggplant (M)
Dress: Designs By Isaura-Fantasy Wedding Full (Includes veil, dress, shoes, Necklace, Circlet,  earrings, bracelets, bouquet with and without AO. (Shoes, veil, bouquet, train and Jewelry Not shown)
Necklace: Ashira’s Aerie: Juliet Locket Choker
Earrings: Ashira’s Aerie: Juliet  Earring
Ring: Ashira’s Aerie: Traditional Claddagh Ring (Soulmate scripted)


One Voice On Fire

If you follow my main blog I Love SL Fashion you know that I am blogging for One Voice, the fundraising event for Curio and Gala Phoenix. I was ECSTATIC when one of the things in the event was a formal dress. This is an AMAZING dress like I have never seen before. I am usually the one to say that is the dress is png texture it is CRAP. Not this time, this dress is AMAZING. and is the dress for those of us who want to stand out! There are some wonderful Designers at the One voice event who make this dress just POP. They include the jayda skin by AV sage…sexy sultry…and a but still oh so sophisticated is this skin. I fell in LOVE. Of course we need the perfect hair and makeup to go with the perfect dress this is where mina, censored and Mock lent a hand. One of Mina’s contributions to the event is the charlize hair….the perfect updo for this dress! As far as makeup I wanted something a little playful and Censored delivered with eyeliner 4 which matched perfectly with the Pimiento Lip Jelly by Mock. Last but not least..eyes…Mayfly contributed some of her most popular colors to the event and you all know how much I love mayfly! Currently I am modeling Deep Sky Eyes, deep honey hazel. The poses are part of the Stunning Runway sets by Wetcat with one by brent creative portraits! Just a note, we have successfully raised $7500 USD for gala in 2 days…our goal is $20k USD we can make it! Come on down and help us reach our goal!

Now ….for the pics 😀

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Now Modeling

Hair: Mina Hair- Charlize
Skin: Av! Sage – Jayda Skin
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes -Deep Honey Hazel
Shape: Savoir Fair Shapes – Yvonne 2.0
Eyeliner: Censored-Eyeliner 4
Lip Gloss: Mock- Pimiento Lip Jelle
Dress: PM -New dawn gown on fire
Poses: Various Poses from wetcat: Runway and Falba Runway as well as a pose out of the one voice exclusive pack by Bent.Creative Portraits

The Blushing Bride

I think we have had every member of the wedding party on the female side thus… comes the bride! This gown is from Sayuli& Company and features and EXQUISITE bouquet, rose sash and heels as well as jewelry included. It makes me wanna have an SL wedding TBH hehheheh. Everything below is included except for the hair and skin for only $3500L!!!! LIKE OMGG….. You gotta have it! What else could I pair with the dress than a skin featuring tears? I mean…what bride shouldn’t cry on her wedding day? Thankfully (Red)Mint was there to help me out!

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Now Wearing

Hair: truth – eden (crow with flowers removed)
Skin: (red)Mint-No.11 ~(5) ROT Pale (light eyebrows)
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Deep Emerald, W1)
Dress: Sayuli & co. -Blanche Wedding Gown (includes gown, tiara, necklace earrings and shoes*)

*Shoes not shown
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Beautiful Bridesmaid

So we have had the MOH, and the guest….Time for the Bridesmaid. This one comes to us from Rebel Hope. I saw and and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. This is everything I look for in a formal dress, and know I would look for in a bridesmaid dress. Simple, elegant and yet, sparkly and sophisticated. Don;t get me wrong, this dress is perfect for more than just a Bridesmaid dress but can’t you see how well it would fit in a wedding? How can you not love it? What would I put with a beautiful dress like this other than a beautiful skin? I had to use Gigi’s new skin..JUST RELEASED to compliment the dress. Kaylie is the name and it is GORGEOUS. I haven’t taken it off since I got it and that is saying something, I normally change my skin daily. The eyes, magnificent from mayfly give my face that little sparkle it needed. and we have pics to prove it 😀

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Now Wearing:

Hair: Magika -Remember [01]

Skin: NBGG – Kaylie 01 m 1

Eyes: Mayfly – London Fog

Dress: Rebel Hope – Stephanie(Pewter)

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My Best Friends Wedding

So, I don’t know about you, but one thing I ALWAYS worry about when a friend gets married is “what do I wear?” I never know what is appropriate, how formal to go or how casual to go. Yes, weddings in SL are a LOT more formal than in RL, but you still don’t want to overshadow the bride. That being said you want to look AMAZING yourself too. I found the PERFECT solution. From FMB it is the Long mesh Dress in brown/taupe. It is GORGEOUS; hugs the body like no other and is amazing on almost everyone. with every skin tone. (not to mention the sexy skins from NBGG) You have GOT to check this out. The kin is from NBGG, it is a sassy sultry yet, subtle look in Aimee pale 3. The eyes, An exclusive Mesh around hunt prize, so you better go get them fast, because they won’t be there forever. PLUS Don’t forget the amazing jewelry from Earthstones that completes the look!

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Hair: Magika- andarial (roots edition)
Skin: NBGG- Aimee Pale 3
Eyes: Mayfly -Liquid Light Mesh eye (early autumn Shadow, W3)
Dress: Mesh Long Dress (brown/taupe)
Necklace: Earthstones Marquessa Diamond Necklace
Bracelet: Earthstones: Marquessa Diamond Bracelet

Pose: Exposeur – Next top model (various poses from the pack)

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Maid Of Honor Magnificence

YAY! I Love SL Wedding Fashion is Live! I am so Excited! Thank you for standing by this family of blogs and supporting them. You, My readers are SO  IMPORTANT  to me. I wouldn’t and couldn’t do this without you as we travel on my fashion journey in SL. There are many things I LOVE about SL. Such as My family and Modeling. I love most of all when those things converge. That happened Today. My sister is getting married and we fell in LOVE with this dress that is featured in this blog post today so….we are going to use it as the MOH dress. There will be two of us in this dress and we will look FABULOUS Thanks to Sayuli the Creator of Say (check over on I Love SL Fashion For a review of one of her wedding gowns!) .It is called Cassandra and I have it in Cream. OMG it is to DIE for. I could not decide which color to blog. Buuutt…..I decided on cream because well…look at how beautiful it is! Now I said I love when things converge and today they did! While I was modeling at Delirium Style I decided to perve one of my fellow models profiles and OMG I am soooo glad I did. She is a skin maker. When I say skin maker, I mean skin maker, no mismatched color faces and bodies, the dark tones don’t look like they need a bath (you know what I am talking about) and her pixie skins are SPOT ON  BEAUTIFUL! I am Wearing her skin Jade in the pictures below check it out!

Now Wearing:

Hair: Truth-Cassandra

Skin: S1Nners- Jade

Shape: Essences – Rowena

Gown: Say-Cassandra (includes gown, hair piece, earrings, necklace, bouquet and shoes!)

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